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Braided bed bumper  / 6 strands / 30cm

Braid protector MAX  this  the highest model of a braided bumper in our offer.
The braid protector is made of as many as 6
  intertwined strands, aesthetically finished at the ends, without the child's ability to untangle. It is the greatest protection among all available in our offer.  Its height is 30 cm and it fits most baby cots, beds for preschoolers, house beds.  Available in various lengths.
The braided bumper will not only protect your child from bumps against the hard rungs of the crib, eliminate jamming of the foot or the handle between the rungs, but also isolate it from the cold wall.

The 6-strip model can also be used as a seat on the windowsill or as a headrest in an adult's bed!

What's more, it is an interior hit! Due to its beautiful appearance and remarkable functionality, everyone wants to have it! 

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