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Exchange and Return Policy at SPARROW Shop

At, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing bespoke children's products. We take pride in our offer, which encompasses a vast array of combinations, colours, and sizes to meet every customer's individual needs.

As a result, we do not store ready-made products in the warehouse, but each is specially created for you.

According to Art. 38 point 3 of the consumer rights act, a product that is "non-prefabricated, made according to the consumer's specification or serving to satisfy his individualised needs" is not subject to return.

We understand, however, that online shopping can be somewhat unpredictable, and the colour or texture of a product may appear different on a computer screen than in reality. Therefore, to make your choice as easy as possible, we offer you the opportunity to order samples of our colours. This will allow you to make the most informed choice that meets your expectations.

However, if for some reason you want to exchange the product - don't worry! After prior contact with us, we will give you the opportunity to exchange the most popular products* for a different colour or something else from our offer. Please note, however, that products with embroidery unfortunately do not qualify for exchange due to their unique nature.

In case of a decision to exchange, the customer covers the costs of return shipping and the re-shipment of the product. 

If you have any questions or doubts about our return and exchange policy, please contact us.

We are here to help!

*Single-coloured braid bumpers, star pillows, cloud pillows, moon pillows, wall balloons, braided pillows.

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