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Is a crib braid safe?

Your little one deserves care at all times, including, and especially, when they are peacefully asleep. Even during deep slumber, babies can kick their legs, roll from side to side, and move around the crib. If the crib is made of wood or another hard material, hitting their head, arms, or legs can be painful and dangerous for your little one. Fortunately, there are now many products available on the market that aim to protect infants in cribs. These include various covers and fabric bumpers that cover the hard slats and sides of the crib. Braided crib bumpers, which are becoming increasingly popular and stylish, are a favored choice among parents. What are they, and what are the benefits of purchasing them?

Crib Braided Bumper - Everything You Need to Know

A braided crib bumper is a product designed to protect a child from the hard elements of the crib, preventing bumps, scrapes, or getting their hands or feet stuck between the slats. While not an essential addition to a nursery, it can certainly provide a peaceful sleep for both the baby and parents. By installing it along the edges of the crib, you not only protect your child from unforeseen incidents during rest, but also add an interesting decorative element to the crib. It's important to note that children under 12 months should be supervised and use such products under parental supervision.

Why is it worth buying a braided bumper?

As new parents, you surely know how demanding it can be to care for your little one. Sleepless nights are not just a result of a baby's crying but also the anxiety of wanting to ensure their utmost safety, even at night. A braided bumper for the crib will help you maintain peace of mind while your baby sleeps soundly, allowing you to gather your strength for parental duties. The crib bumper is a functional accessory that will provide safety for your little one throughout their early years and beyond.

Here are some advantages of the braided bumper that you can purchase from our online store:

  • Protection against hard slats

  • Safety for your child throughout the night

  • Insulation from cold, such as from the wall

  • Adaptability to cribs for children of different ages


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