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We sewed the 4-strand braid bumper  with the highest quality  cotton  children's velor.  It was filled  antiallergic  silicone down.

Thanks to this combination of materials, the bumper is extremely soft and your child is very soft  completely safe.


Materials, z  of which our products are made are manufactured in Poland and are in  100% safe  for children.  Both materials, threads and filling have Certificates  OEKO Tex 100 Standard


The braid protector prevents hitting the hard parts of the bed and wedging the leg or the handle between the rungs of the bed.

It also works well as an insulation against a cold wall,  decoration for a bed or an unusual pillow  :) 



- length (options to choose from) (+/- 10%)

- height 20cm (+/- 10%)


Available colours:

  • white
  • light grey
  • classic gray
  • gray melange
  • almond
  • warm beige
  • cappuccino
  • cinnamon
  • yellow
  • mustard
  • baby pink
  • peach pink
  • candy pink
  • dirty pink
  • powder pink
  • red
  • yellow
  • baby blue
  • ice blue
  • blue
  • petrol blue
  • blue
  • eucalyptus
  • bottle green
  • blueberry mousse
  • green apple
  • navy
  • black



The kit includes:

- braid protector 4  strands;

-  a set of velor strings color-matched to the braid -  attached loosely, can be tied anywhere;

- reusable cover


Protector  at the ends it is carefully stitched so that it does not unravel during washing and use  myself!


Use in the presence of an adult.


All items offered by  SPARROW company are made by hand, in Poland,  this is why  may differ from each other  to a slight degree.

Cot bumper braid 4 velor strands / choose your colors

PriceFrom zł250.00
  • Length How to fit?
    120cm It fits on the longer side of the bed 120x60cm
    140cm It fits on the longer side of the bed 140x70cm
    180cm Fits the shorter + longer side of the bed 120x60cm



    It fits the larger half of the bed 120x60cm and the half of the bed 140x70cm
    240cm Fits on the longer + shorter side of the preschooler's bed
    300cm It fits two longer and one shorter side of the bed 120x60cm
    FULL 120x60cm Fits around a 120x60cm cot (approx 340cm long)
    FULL 140x70cm Fits around a 140x70cm cot (about 400cm long)


    Do you need a different length? Write for a quote. 

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