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New on the Polish market! DOUBLE BRAID velor cot bumper

The bumper is made of very soft, cotton children's velor (up to 80% cotton), filled with the highest quality anti -allergic silicone down (Lentex - Oeko Tex 100 Certificate).

Thanks to this combination of materials, the bumper is extremely soft and your child is completely safe.

The materials from which the protectors are made are made in Poland and are 100% safe for children.

Both materials, threads and filling have OEKO Tex 100 Standard Certificates.

For sewing, we use the highest quality elastic threads, which are necessary for the production of this type of product.

The bumper can also be used as an insulation against a cold wall or a decoration for a bed.


- length (options to choose from) (+/- 10%)

- height 28 (+/- 10%) - almost 2x taller than a standard braid - recommended for larger beds.


  • white,
  • black,
  • light gray melange,
  • dark gray melange,
  • light grey,
  • powder pink,
  • dirty pink,
  • roses (barbie),
  • blue,
  • cornflower,
  • mustard,
  • yellow,
  • mint,
  • lavender,
  • green apple,
  • salmon,
  • without
  • coral (COLOR OF THE YEAR 2019 / 16-1546 TCX PANTONE)

The braid is sewn from 6 strands - you can choose up to 6 colors.

The protector at the ends is carefully stitched so that it does not become untangled during washing and use.

In addition, the purchase includes a set of color-matched cords for attachment to the cot.

All items offered by SPARROW are hand-made in Poland, therefore they may differ slightly from each other.

Order fulfillment time:

The time from the receipt of the money to the account until the parcel is picked up by the courier is up to 10 business days * . If, for an important reason, you want faster implementation, please let us know before placing the order - we'll see what we can do :)

* This time may be extended depending on the number of orders (in this case we will inform you about the shipping date).

DOUBLE BRAID velor cot bumper

PriceFrom zł360.00
choose color
  • - niezwykle miękki welur bawełniany - 80% bawełna, 20% poliesterCertyfikat Oeko Tex 100


    - wypełnienie - antyalergiczny puch silikonowy  - Certyfikat Oeko Tex 100

  • - ochraniacz można prać w pralce w temp. do 40'C (w przypadku dłuższych ochraniaczy istnieje możliwość, że produkt nie zmieści się do pralki, w takiej sytuacji zalecamy pranie ręczne)

    - wirowanie max 100 obrotów

    - po wypraniu nadać pierwotny kształ i tak pozostawić do wyschnięcia

    - możliwość suszenia w suszarce automatycznej *

    Przed zakupem upewnij się, czy warkocz zmieści się do Twojej pralki. Jeśli  będzie zbyt duży, wybierz dwie sztuki dające potrzebną sumę.  Wszystko po to aby swobodnie dbać o jego czystość.

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